Here’s the truth about LinkedIn in 2019:

It’s a B2B gold mine…

It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time.

The best part?

More often than not, they’re actually scrolling through actively looking for valuable content to read. There isn’t the same barrier you need to break down like on other social platforms like Facebook. They’re not there to find Buzzfeed quizzes, wedding photos, or memes. They’re looking for content that can change the way they do business, which is most definitely music to the ears of a B2B marketer.

Why LinkedIn B2B marketing is now awesome for brands:

  • LinkedIn now drives over half of all social traffic to B2B blogs and websites. Source: Foundation
  • Keen ‘prospectors’ are already mining rich seams of untapped potential, unearthing cartloads of B2B marketing benefits from LinkedIn:
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of all visits from social media sites to corporate websites.
  • 93% of B2B marketers now consider LinkedIn to be the most effective site for lead generation.
  • The platform itself isn’t resting on its laurels though, nor is it basking in the glory of its recently announced 60% increase in engagement rates.