Yada Media

Yada Media specializes in delivering key audiences to clients. Our platform guarantees the ideal target across both B2B and DTC with unmatched access into social platforms, groups, publications and digital assets.

Our proprietary platform allows performance based marketing campaigns which aligns our clients and Yada’s interests. This means our clients have no financial risk until a conversion occurs.  This forces Yada to deliver the right audience, everytime.


How We Work

We leverage technology, our business knowledge and marketing expertise guided by Marketing principles to cover the complete work-flow, building your funnel, identifying strategic growth opportunities from every angle with a laser sharp focus on driving outcomes, enabling you to meet and exceed your long-or-short term-goals.

Hence our Multi-Channel Marketing platform that delivers exceptional ROI for companies.

Our Mission is to eliminate non-effective spend and
replace it with performance based campaigns.

Each campaign is unique to build awareness or drive a specific call to action. Yada powers conversations on social platforms, personalized display marketing across multiple connected devices, live invite only webinars and all Web3 applications.  

Lead Generation
Take advantage of our email broadcast, SMS or Social Media distribution platforms.
We supply email, cell phone, mailing data and provide in-house messaging across LinkedIn and SMS texting to increase lead generation creating measurable results.

Have your offering featured in one of our 350 weekly newsletters, specific to industry verticals and audiences
Leverage our AI driven multi-channel proprietary platforms to run your campaigns .
Targeted Webinar

Since webinars are easily accessible online, they allow you to connect with more people. Webinars enable attendees to participate in your presentation from anywhere in the world, so long as they have access to the internet. Without the challenges of travel and room space, you can reach and engage a broad audience quickly and efficiently. Additionally, webinars can be recorded and made available for interested people to view even after the live event has ended. On-demand webinars can become part of your company’s valuable ongoing content offering.


Yada’s platform uses multiple tools to build audience and deliver guaranteed results.

We use a combination of the below resources to generate unmatched results.

Advantages of Targeted Webinar Package
Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising means transparency. Blending our proprietary technology, fraud detection partners, and the keen eye of our experienced professionals, We prevent you from bidding on fake/spoofed domains, bot traffic, non-compliant apps un-validated inventory.

Yada Media connects quality data supply with AI driven technology to prepare programmatic advertising campaigns that deliver a superior Ad Campaign performance.

Yada Media Agency
Partnership Overview

Yada powers top media and advertising agencies client campaigns. Our platform’s ability to deliver is unparalleled in its ability to combine different data sets across multiple social platforms and databases.  Yada simplifies campaigns,  increases delivery reliability and provides up to a 30% rebate back to the agency’s bottom line.

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Cross Platform
A universal approach to media buy, access mobile, tablet and desktop premium inventory through a single end-point openRTB integration.
Premium Supply
Gain access to 350 in house publishers, SSPs, Ad Exchanges, and Networks. Choose your source and scale according to your KPIs.
Global Reach
worldwide supply allows you to scale your audience and keep converting, Yada Media enables you to go global.
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